Welcome… we are (re)building (primarily from scratch) on a new server, having negotiated a contract w/o end w/ an outstanding provider. Swarm.WS, along w/ those behind problems.need.solutions, et. al., shall have a new home, to be forever known as THRONG.

Since before this century began, West Virginia's adoption of the Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act (UUNAA) has permitted us to operate independently, and without requiring a single form, because it's been entirely our own money/time/etc. One final move, however, from Throng.LTD to THR.ONG/thr.ngo, does. And, for all OnGood does for us all? It's where we wanna be… these needs we see respect no boundaries; it's time to extend our reach.

At this moment, our focus is upon restoring in order of importance to others: Heifer.International is back online, and Med.Gift is wwweb.co's latest Forwwward. (all forwards should be working now ~;-)